Up2you at Villa Clementina

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Up2You is a festival with workshops (yoga, tai chi, qiqong, meditation, shiatsu, etc.), inspiring readings, a free stage, handicrafts, jamsessions, veggiefood, kidworkshops (circus, open air theatre, singing, etc.) and in the evening a sweet party with a campfire and a fireshow.
We want to bring people together to inspire each other and give impulses to put people in their power, so they can consciously act within this society... It's an event where YOU make the festival!
It's a new kind of festival in Belgium for all ages.
This year a part of the profit will go to a good cause:
vzwVilla Clementina, an inclusive day-care center for kids with or without disabilities.
Hope you'll join us to make it great and support the good cause!
Line-up and further info coming soon! ♥

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  • 27 May 2017 tot 27 March 2017
  • Villa CLementina, Zemst